The Panamei Journey is the story, the lifestyle, behind the Panamei Seafood brand. It is the story of our search for the best quality seafood the ocean has to offer. Our journey began as an exploration of the origins of our seafood in every corner of the world, but quickly became a quest to look into the lives of those harvesting and preparing it as well.

We are now dedicated to traveling the globe not only to find the most sustainable sources available and include them in the Panamei brand, but to share the experience– the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of this adventure with you.

We hope The Panamei Journey philosophy to prepare, eat, & share good food extends beyond our adventures overseas and into your own home.

The Panamei Journey


Prepare Sea Food

Food preparation should be an enjoyable experience. In a fast-paced world, preparing a meal might have become a dreaded task for you. Our journey is meant to remind you that preparing food is something to savor. It is an opportunity to create and enjoy.

We value the human interaction with fresh ingredients and the experience of passionately preparing a meal. Maybe it’s an Inspired Chef explaining his or her cooking process, or maybe it’s a glimpse into the creation of one our favorite recipes…

Either way, we’re here to show you that the time you spend putting together a meal is both rewarding and exciting.


Eat Sea Food

The Panamei Journey also aims to remind you to stop and enjoy your food. Whether you’ve made a Seafood Paella for the whole family, a Spicy Salmon fillet to share, or a quick Shrimp snack, take pride in your meals and appreciate the end product.

Food is beautiful, especially when prepared with pride, passion, and care. When you cook with Panamei products, you are serving high quality seafood full of flavor.

We harvest and source our seafood with the utmost respect for the ocean and its inhabitants, so eat & enjoy the fresh taste of the product!


Share Sea Food

At Panamei, one of our fundamental beliefs is that food is meant to be shared. A table is meant for talking and toasting. Storytelling and swapping plates. Aromas in the air, under ambient light, eating with your friends and family. There’s nothing quite like a table full of those who matter most to you, coming together and enjoying a variety of delicious homemade dishes.

From the kitchen to the table, this is the ultimate experience The Panamei Journey is after. We have made it our mission to share with you stories of great food, cultures of great food, and people with our passion for great food.

You’ll see that food truly does connect the hearts of us all.